Word clouds!

Mary McCallum’s blog has given me this lovely present of an idea, as well as an entertaining time-filler (you note that I have avoided the use of the terms ‘time-waster’ or ‘writing-avoidance’). Its origin is wordle and if you have a look at the site you’ll get the idea. To create the design above I just entered the url of my blog, but you could play with a poem, or the names of things you love, or even a whole novel.

Love it!

2 Responses to “Word clouds!”

  1. mary mccallum Says:

    Oh yes – isn’t it fun? I love the phrases the pop up – ‘bloggers seeking wrath’ and ‘Rupert usually bought wood’ and ‘peonies poem’ and ‘eat melancholy’ … You should try popping in a whole novel, Belinda. It’s amazing the words that come up – the words we use too much large as life – our preoccupations…

  2. admin Says:

    Putting in a whole novel would be an amusing way of editing yourself – a bit late, but never mind!

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