Tuesday Poem: song of the weather

A Song of the Weather

January brings the snow,
Makes your feet and fingers glow.

February’s ice and sleet
Freeze the toes right off your feet.

Welcome March with wintry wind
Would thou wert not so unkind!

April brings the sweet spring showers,
On and on for hours and hours.

Farmers fear unkindly May
Frost by night and hail by day.

June just rains and never stops
Thirty days and spoils the crops.

In July the sun is hot.
Is it shining? No, it’s not.

August’s cold and dank and wet,
Brings more rain than any yet.

Bleak September’s mist and mud
Is enough to chill the blood.

Then October adds a gale,
Wind and slush and rain and hail.

Dark November brings the fog
Should not do it to a dog.

Freezing wet December, then
Bloody January again!

January brings the snow …

I know it’s not Tuesday. I even know this isn’t a poem. But it’s a wonderfully funny song, and a wonderfully apposite sing-along for the present weather in Britain. (In fact some bits of Britain, I hear, are getting very good weather – and some parts of northern Europe have weather as bad as ours. I have even heard that this week the weather is set to improve. None of these so-called facts is at all comforting.)

Here are the late, great, Flanders & Swann singing their song. My parents adored their work and we often used to listen to their records when I was growing up. My own favourite is ‘The Slow Train’ because it’s spot-on nostalgic about something that mattered, but this one about the weather makes me laugh every time.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Poem: song of the weather”

  1. Michelle Elvy Says:

    Great that you posted the video/images too. This is new to me, but obviously something a well-rounded person should know. :)

  2. admin Says:

    Yes indeed! I admit to being a Flanders & Swann obsessive though.

  3. Helen McKinlay Says:

    Aah Belinda…lovely fun. Glad you can laugh about the weather and hope it improves very soon.

  4. admin Says:

    That’s very kind! The UK weather reports and predictions have now reached the absurd point of announcing better weather has arrived when it damn well hasn’t, a version of “if we say it is so, it must be so”. I live in hope, and also a warm cardie.

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