Tuesday poem: Nothing

by Rachel Rooney

Red; it’s overrated. See that token
red on a single stem, that
redness of me waiting like a pillar box.
Red’s too easy.

Blue is foolish.
Blueness; I can dive right into it. Yes,
blue’s an invite; it’s the touch of tiles in a pool.
Blue. Don’t do it.

Yellow’s hell. Avoid it.
Yellowness is madness.
Yellow. Break it down and it’s the sound it makes.
Yellow. I won’t enter it.

Greenness; it isn’t me.
Green is somebody else’s smell and
green’s their home, fingers, mould.
Green grows. Best keep away from it.

White? Now, that’s more like it.
White’s an absence. It’s nothing and all I ever wanted.
Whiteness, pure and sweet as a fantasy.
White. I can almost taste it.

I posted a poem by Rachel last June: ‘The Language of Cat’ from her collection of poetry for children with the same name. This poem, ‘Nothing’, has been selected for an anthology of poems for adults: ‘Languages of Colour’, published next month by the Frogmore Press. So it turns out that Rachel is fluent in colour as well as cat.

And while we’re talking poetry, why don’t you look at what the other Tuesday Poets are offering: if one of the posts on the sidebar mentions a Tuesday Poem you can be sure there’s a poem in there somewhere. The Tuesday Poets have just celebrated their second anniversary in cyberspace by writing another ‘group’ poem. Each member of the group added a line every 12 hours or so, for about 14 days. You can still see the terrific result at the Hub by scrolling down the main section. (Oh go on, have a look: we’re very proud of it!)

6 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Nothing”

  1. Elizabeth Welsh Says:

    I relished the line about breaking down yellow and that’s the sound that you will hear – she captures the colour so well! Thanks for sharing Rachel’s work, Belinda – she is new to me, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for her poetry :)

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, she’s a terrific poet, and I feel that her “for children” poetry is very well worth adult attention. I expect that’s often the case …

  3. Helen McKinlay Says:

    I like the fun approach to this topic overlying more serious depths.
    ‘white is nothing and all I ever wanted’ great!

  4. admin Says:

    She’s a subtle poet, isn’t she? And I especially admire that same line!

  5. Michelle Elvy Says:

    I really enjoyed the colours here — and I must admit I was surprised by white, very much so. Great stuff!

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks for that Michelle!

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