The world of cats

I found this cartoon somewhere years ago – I don’t remember where and I don’t know who the cartoonist is – RGJ, whomever that may be. But it’s a treasure and still makes me smile.

Another and more recent catty pleasure is The Catorialist, which sends up The Sartorialist by posting photos of cats along with straight-faced commentaries on their stylishness. (I particularly like the post for Sat 5th June entitled ‘The Case for Pushed-up Sleeves, Milano’.) Enjoy!

6 Responses to “The world of cats”

  1. Frances Thomas Says:

    Cats make better cartoons than dogs, though I remember a wonderful one – a huge gothick castle, torrential rain, wind; the great door is open, and a woman in a scottish plaid is sending a shivering and terrified little dog out into the storm….
    Before I tell you, can you guess what she’s saying?

  2. admin Says:

    No! Quick, tell me!

  3. Frances Thomas Says:

    Scottish is a clue, and castle…..

  4. admin Says:

    Oh stop! Just tell me for pity’s sake.

  5. Frances Thomas Says:

    ‘Out, damned Spot!’

  6. admin Says:

    Oh! Of course! Duh …

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