The views of life


This is the view from our back balcony, where we sit every evening to watch the sun go down – and we have breakfast on the front balcony, shading the sun with a big beach umbrella. But from all the windows of our apartment on this little farm, everything you look at is beautiful: the curve of a ploughed field rising to an impeccably spaced line of trees; the distant view of hills and mountains; the gray-green lace of the olive trees; the curling fingers of mist around the valley in the very early morning.

It’s very hard to leave so much simple delight. Sometime, maybe, we’ll stay to help with the olive harvest… but tomorrow we start the drive back to London – me with lots of writing done, and both of us with the prospect of excitement and entertainment ahead. Really, I have no good reason to feel so wistful! Well, except for leaving these olive trees.


Oh! And the swallows which today are wheeling and diving in increasing numbers, which probably means they’re getting ready to leave as well. Last time we were here we left later in the month and the swallows were gathering on the power lines by then.

And the sense of being close to the seasons and the way in which the land is used: that’s hard to leave too, if only because those of us who mostly live in cities don’t often witness the pace and rhythm of the country. It’s a blessing to treasure and remember.

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