The End!

The End: after what I thought was three years but now that I’ve checked I see it’s four. Four whole years of starts and stops, of losing the way and the place and the point, quite apart from the will to live. Or to finish. Or to have any faith in what I was trying to write. For ages I struggled with the ending – I got them all down to the beach and couldn’t then work out why they were there or what they were going to do, and I couldn’t get them back up from the beach either. They’ve been shivering down there for months.

But now: now it’s done. Revised at least nine times, and finally – it’s over.

Another book! When I often thought there wouldn’t ever be another book.

Of course when I say ‘The End’, or ‘it’s over’, none of that is likely to be true. Other people have to read it now and at the very least there’s bound to be a need for changes. But right now I feel so good. As light as a leaf, and twice as supple.

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  1. Lucille Says:

    Huzzah! You can float away on your back with your hands clasped behind your head. I had a closer look at your working notes and was pleased to see that your handwriting hasn’t changed.

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah, I realised after I’d posted the photo that if you click on it you can see a lot of incoherent detailed notes up very close. I’m sort of glad my handwriting hasn’t changed, if that’s true, which since the comment comes from you I will believe it, oh visually acute friend.

  3. Marlene johnson Says:

    The joy of finishing, then the wait begins…..

  4. admin Says:

    How very true, Marlene!

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