Signs of spring abounding

Someone knows why so many spring flowers come in shades of yellow, but that someone is not me.

But look! Aren’t they wonderful?

The first three examples of spring are blooming in the community garden where we have a veggie plot (four varieties of early potatoes planted last Saturday, and broad beans planted last year with a few extra seeds added in the inevitable spaces two weeks ago).

The last one is in the garden of a block of flats in Primrose Hill Road.

I have no idea of the name of any of them, but that doesn’t stop me loving each and every bloom. Experiencing the first confident signs of spring, I think, is a good way to be happy.

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  1. Frances Thomas Says:

    Yes, what is it about yellow that just does the trick in spring? Primroses are just coming out here.

  2. admin Says:

    Yes: primroses, daffs, most crocuses, and all the bushes and trees I photographed. It can’t be coincidence, can it? That most spring flowers are yellow? I wish some clever plant scientist would read my blog and tell me the answer. I looked on google but could only find entries that celebrated yellow spring flowers: none that explained them. Hmm.

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