The runner beans! The climbing beans! Both of these have only just begun their great work, with months of pleasure yet to come, and although the broad beans have finished our early potatoes are still delighting us. Oh, the joys of a veggie garden. I have taken this largesse as licence to buy roses instead of vegetables in the farmers’ market which is inarguably a rather shocking indulgence, but the glorious rose scent distracts me from all but the slightest whiff of guilt.

Look at the latest bunch!

They look almost as beautiful as one of Fantin-Latour’s rose paintings.

Next time I photograph one of my bunches of roses I’m going to add a pear to the arrangement. And are those nuts in the foreground, do you think?

2 Responses to “Roses!”

  1. Frances Thomas Says:

    Why does nobody else but us get slugs?
    Enjoy your veggies!

  2. admin Says:

    We got ‘em too, in droves (‘droves’ can’t be right for slugs, can it: maybe collectively it’s slithers of them?) until we went organic. Now we just have frogs and ladybugs!

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