Not a Banksy? Never mind, it’s definitely June!

We’ve had a rush of graffiti in our area of North London. The usual kind are mostly tags, but the new ones are Banksy-style graffiiti. They look a lot like Banksy’s offerings, and when the first one arrived in the back garden of a local pub a few weeks back the pub owners were rather pleased. Well, you would be – a genuine Banksy is worth a lot of money, and the whole question of how you get one off a pub garden wall and into an auction house is beside the point, as well as beyond my understanding. (On the other hand I know you can take frescoes off walls; why not a graffito?)

Anyway. This one has been officially rejected as a Banksy by Banksy’s agents, but the real joy of it isn’t its own fame or inherent fortune. Its joy resides in the fact that it’s an exact portrait of our locally beloved June – the Queen of Primrose Hill – who recently retired from the local shop she and her late husband ran for about fifty years.

It makes me smile every time I walk past, and I hear that June herself is delighted. So thanks, whomever. Thanks a lot.

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