Lovers’ Knot

I’m going backwards, remember? (Do try to keep up …)

My last post was about my pilgrimage to Rosa’s Cantina in El Paso at the beginning of November, but I still have quite a few earlier backwards catching-up to do. So here goes.

The wedding, which was our whole reason for being in El Paso, was a joy. I love and admire both Ashley and Glenn, and I’m delighted at their good fortune in finding each other: it just shows what can happen in the One Star State.

I’m told (by Glenn, so it must be true) that Ashley asked for only two specific details of the celebrations. She wanted a pre-wedding party at her mother’s place, so that everyone from both sides could meet before the ceremony, in the house where she grew up. Oh – and she asked for bubbles at the wedding breakfast.

I don’t have any photos of the pre-wedding party so you’ll have to rely on the simple evidence of my words: it was an outstanding and entirely memorable success. And for the wedding bubbles I offer pictorial evidence of the pleasure and sheer fun of it.

Why aren’t there always bubbles to blow at weddings?

So here are the bubbles:

And again:

And this was all happening against the joyous background of a great mariachi band: no photos but here’s a clip of what I think is the Real Thing in mariachi music:

So you won’t be surprised to see that I got up and danced!

Here are Ashley and Glenn:

And here’s a lovely wedding poem to round it all off.

LOVERS’ KNOT, by Rachael Boast

From this day forwards
we’ll push the boat out, let it body us,
take us to a place as much mine as yours,
past the double oxbow
where the blossoms fall, and together
we’ll learn the ropes: how to pull you in,

how to let you go; let you be as you are,
and break the wave of my known world.
In a covenant of above and below,
may we be confluent with each changing tide;
our partnership both the anchor and the flow
for all the days of our lives.

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