It takes only one squirrel

While we were in Italy one bold squirrel ate all our sweetcorn. Every single cob on every single plant. Our friends at the gardens tried to tuck the net we’d left more firmly around the plants, but the squirrel just laughed as it pushed the net aside and grabbed another mouthful. Pawful. Whatever. We’d probably need a metal cage to protect the plants while they grow, rather than the right-on, ecologically-viable, recycled fabric net we were using.

The squirrel in question has been identified – it’s large (well it would be, wouldn’t it, after all that extra nourishment) with a particularly furry tail (ditto). And it is, it seems, not to be denied. Other gardeners have also had trouble with it – more sweetcorn devastation (obviously it’s developed a taste for that) and even, oh horrors, fresh pumpkin.

We’ll have to revise our planting plans if we’re going to be away in September again, I am absolutely not going to plant and nurture veggies just to feed the wildlife.

Does anyone know of a surefire, humane squirrel deterent?

No? I thought not.

4 Responses to “It takes only one squirrel”

  1. Frances Thomas Says:

    Squirrels are a pest – but we’ve just found that a mouse seems to have destroyed our freezer (chewed through a cable somewhere) – had to throw everything in it away. Let’s start a Society For Revenge On Small Rodents

  2. admin Says:

    I’d imagine that your particular cable-chewing mouse has been gathered by the very act itself. But yes! I want to be a founder member of SFROSR! And once I work out how to pronounce it, I’ll be thinking up ways to express my rage.

  3. mary mccallum Says:

    I have a friend who set up a single electric wire around his veges that gave a small shock when you touched it. It was enough to stop the possums!

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks, Mary, that sounds like a plan. We’d need solar power in some form because there’s no electricity at the community gardens, but trying to work out how to set that up will be a good diversion for long winter evenings here in London! (Brrr, the very act of using ‘long’ and ‘winter’ together in a sentence sends a chill.)

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