Incy wincy spider

I’m about to get my techie friend to change the photos on my blog intro page and then I remembered there are two photos I’ve never explained. (Explained? When did a picture need explaining? But still.)

One of them is this: the spider pic. Eighteen months ago we were in Kerala and this amazing spider set up home one morning outside our room. I am not that keen on spiders, to be truthful: I can appreciate them from a distance, god’s creatures and all that, and little ones no longer frighten me as they did when I was a kid. But still, I don’t exactly seek any of them out.  I feel, um, cautious about them, at best.

All that should have meant that I didn’t embrace the experience of having this spider close by, because frankly it was ENORMOUS.  At least the size of my hand. But I was struck by its beauty and by the symmetrical  charm of its stance. (Also, it looked great against the yellow wall.) And maybe you can just see that it had started to make a web – I can’t make the photo any bigger on the blog because it gets stretched, but you can just see, if you peer, that it’s hanging from a thread of web. So as it happened I enjoyed looking carefully at it, and getting close enough to take a photo.

By the time we got back from breakfast it had disappeared, perhaps to find a quieter spot for spinning. I don’t know what kind of spider it was, apart from the obvious: big, brown, skin (do they actually have a skin?) like suede, eyes on little stalks. Maybe also, oh, man eater, deathly poisonous: who knows? But I liked it a lot and I was truly delighted to see it, which surprised me.

It’s good to be able to surprise yourself once in a while.

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  1. Appu Says:


    I am Appu. I hail from Kochi,Kerala. I was searching the internet to find a particular type of spider that use to strike fear in me wh en I was a kid, and came across this pic and then to this blog. It appears to be a variation of Huntsman spider. Glad to see the spider. (now that I am living in Bangalore, another city in India, I don’t get to see them anymore).

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for this, Appu – but I’m a bit doubtful about your suggestion that it’s a Huntsman, which in my experience is rather a skinny creature, whereas this one was substantial, to say the least!

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