How do you like them apples?

I realise that I tend to post about apples at this time of year, which shows it’s New Zealand apples that seem a worthy posting topic to me – either ones I’ve eaten there in situ, in autumn, or the ones that are exported to Britain which I eat here, in a London spring. I happily admit that I’m addicted to apples in a mild way – and it’s Cox’s Orange apples that get my vote very time.

And just look at how beautiful these ones are! The skins look as though they’ve been painted by an Impressionist artist, and I think it’s only New Zealand Cox’s apples that have this particular prettiness, I’ve never seen it on English ones. The crunch and flavour of these, despite the distance they’ve travelled, are streets ahead of every other apple I encounter. (Funnily enough, Cox’s apples are now very hard to buy in New Zealand, though it’s the variety I grew up with there; I daresay all the best ones are now exported.)

I appreciate how ideologically unsound is the importation of fancy food from 12,000 miles away. (It’s ships not planes in this instance, I believe, but it’s still a dodgy enterprise: close to indefensible by some standards.) I know that I ought to be making do with last autumn’s British fruit and most of the time that’s no hardship, and most of the time I do exactly that. But when I’m faced with the delightful prospect of eating these apples, I find it wellnigh impossible to resist: the eco-worrier in me retreats into silence. Or maybe it’s just that I stop listening to that voice.

I did say it was an addiction. Compassion may well be appropriate.

I have a London friend who shares my slip-and-slide inconsistencies about such matters, which is a comfort. And he once said to me – after I’d been banging on about not eating imported out of season soft fruit – that he just looks at the punnet of blueberries and whispers: “Well, you’re here now. Might as well eat you.”

And if I must, I’ll say the same thing to these apples.

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  1. mary mccallum Says:

    Yes! I bought some cox’s orange the other day – two bags – and we ate the lot. Delicious. Enjoy yours Belinda. Every mouthful.

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