Happy World Book Day, Hackney!

wbd_logo_09_wwwnbt_rgb1Thursday 5th March – that’s this week! – is World Book Day, but only if you’re in Hackney, or other parts of Britain and Ireland. The rest of the world celebrates World Book Day on 23rd April, which is Shakespeare’s birthday. I don’t know why we do it differently in Britain, but we do lots of things differently in Britain, so I guess this is another proud exception!

I know Hackney pretty well, although I live a bus ride away in Camden. But my favourite bookshop is in Hackney, lots of my friends live there, and I often go to shows at the famous Hackney Empire Theatre. And this coming Thursday I’m going to be performing in Hackney myself, because Victoria Park Books have organised a World Book Day event at the Hackney Museum and Library. It starts at 4.30 pm and goes on to about 6.30 pm.

I’ll be speaking with two other authors, Keith Mansfield and Gaby Halberstam, and we’ll all have to talk fast because we haven’t got much time! I’ll mostly concentrate on my latest book, “Everything I Know About You”, but I hope to say something about my other books, too. (And when I’ve finished, I’ll probably be ready to go on that radio program, ‘Just A Minute’.) Other authors will be there too, doing their thing – Guy Bass, Will Gatti, Carolyn Hink, David Lucas and Kevin Waldron. We’d all love to meet you and talk about books, and our books will be on sale, as well, so we can sign copies for you if you like.

The full address is Hackney Museum & Library, 1 Reading Lane, London E1 1GQ. (That’s just off Mare Street, opposite the Hackney Empire.) It looks like this:


We hope to see you there!

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