Beginnings, middles & ends

I now know that starting a new book will involve both excitement and dread for me. I hope for lots of excitement and only a tiny and occasional splash of dread, but it’s a mysterious mixture that still seems impossible to control. All I can confidently predict about the process of writing is that it’ll surprise me.

The first surprise about the new book came as, well, as a surprise.  I’m only a few thousand words into the first draft, but I’ve just written down the last paragraph! And I don’t usually do anything like that. Mostly I draft the whole thing in sequence: from the beginning to the end.  Once before – in ‘Secrets, Lies & My Sister Kate’ – I wrote the final bit before I’d finished the first draft, but I was much further on than I am this time. And this idea just popped into my head when I was on a bus, coming back from the dentist (although it has nothing to do with dentists or buses). 

I wonder if it’ll hold – if what I’ve written down will really be the ending of the book? I’m not going to offer it here: I can’t share an early draft with anyone. But I will say this: it’d mean the last word in the book would be “me”. 

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