Another step backwards

These retrospective posts won’t go on forever. Well, duh! they couldn’t really, could they? But now I’m taking you back to New York at the end of October, when I was trying to ignore the rising tone of hysteria about Hurricane Sandy.

The thing is – my excuse for this piece of foolishness on my part – is that I know about hurricanes. I lived through days of prep for Hurricane Michelle in Key West in 2001, when I discovered what ‘mandatory evacuation’ really means (the police drove around the streets of Key West shouting that phrase into megaphones, and here’s the translation: ‘don’t call 911: we won’t answer the phone’). I am hurricane-experienced. And Michelle blew right on past Key West in 2001, so all that prep was as naught. (Throwing the pool furniture into the swimming pool was the most fun. Getting it out again? Not so much.)

So anyway, I ‘knew’ not to believe the 24/7 alerts in New York. Oh please! I was heard to say: hurricanes don’t hit New York! And I kept right on saying that, right up to the last Sunday morning when we realised that the entire subway and bus systems, and oh dearie me also Amtrack, were all closing down that very afternoon, a full day before we were due to travel down to Washington DC by train.


So Bruce made a mercy dash to Penn Station and changed our tickets to the very last train out of New York on Sunday night, and we regretfully left a wonderful restaurant in the middle of a delicious dinner to be driven to Penn Station.

I can’t believe that anyone who reads my blog hasn’t seen ‘Casablanca’. (You all have, haven’t you? Maybe not as often as I have, but still…) So you’ll remember that scene when Humphrey Bogart is waiting to catch the last train out of Paris – waiting for Ingrid Bergman, who never arrives?

That’s exactly what Penn Station looked like!

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  1. Lucille Says:

    I love Hollywood rain. You can be drenched and dripping one minute and bone dry the next. I had no idea you’d had such a close shave with Sandy.

  2. admin Says:

    How true is that! (Except if it’s SINGING IN THE RAIN, and I still have never worked out how he did it.)

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