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And would you like some warfarin with that?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This has made me so cross I have to blog about it. Last night, the wonderful doctor who looks after my PICC line, which needed attention, spent all day at University College Hospital – which was either an 8 hour or a 12 hour session – and came out into the rainy dark to discover that his bike had been stolen. The third one. The lock had been cut through – that’s about a hundred pounds – and I don’t know about the bike, except that my doctor thought his insurance company wouldn’t step up to the plate for that again. So he had to walk in the rain to get to my hospital and save the PICC for me. And he did.

You rat! You thieving horrible little rat! Oh I don’t suppose for a moment that the thief reads my blog, but do you really think this is acceptable behaviour? It’s got to be a doctor or another kind of medical staff who leaves a bike outside a hospital, doesn’t it? How is that OK to nick? Might you not imagine you might need their services in the future? Might you not think your behaviour was, um, inappropriate?

I don’t want to suggest that stealing a non-medical bike is OK. It’s so not. But this? It’s a bloody scandal.

Have some warfarin. Please. On me. Little rat.

Oh, and a PS to FaceBook friends: I’m back in hospital and unable to access FB at all so hello, and I hope you’re all doing just fine.